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Wendy Rule in Full Flight - photo by Debbie, White Witch (L) / Poster (R) 

White Witch was delighted to be invited, by our good friend Jane, to a private, intimate solo acoustic concert with the renown Pagan singer/songwriter, Wendy Rule.  The weather was kind - a wonderful, balmy evening of late Summer - as a small group of Pagan friends gathered in a leafy English garden to hear the wondrous voice and musical stories of Wendy.  The mystical 'civil twilight' slowly enveloped us; neither completely light nor completely dark, and as some stars and planets began to be visible to the naked eye, they mingled with miriad points of light - the dancing flames of t-lights and fairy-lights, wending their way leisurely around the shrines, trees, grass and canopy, where Wendy was to perform.  

Wendy Rule photo (L) by Debbie, White Witch)

This amazing Australian visionary has brought her unique blend of music, story and ritual to audiences worldwide, garnering a huge following within the world's alternative spiritual communities - she is now, deservedly, gaining a much broader following.  A practising Witch, and dedicated to a spiritual life of growth and healing, Wendy shares her wisdom and insights through beautifully deep and visionary lyrics.  Combining soaring vocal prowess, unforgettable melodies and rare personal honesty, Wendy weaves together ancient magickal, mystical themes with her own experiences of love, loss, grief and joy.  Each of her albums is a tranformational journey - powerfully unique.    

White Witch with Wendy Rule at Private Concert - photos by Debbie, White Witch

Wendy's latest album Black Snake ...'Written primarily in the wilderness of New Mexico, Black Snake is an album of transformation, of stripping back, of death and rebirth, and celebration of Life. Featuring gorgeous instrumentation – including cello by her long term collaborator Rachel Samuel, Native American Flute by her husband Timothy Van Diest, and ambient electric guitar, bass guitar and organ by her son Reuben George Bloxham – it highlights Wendy’s maturity as a writer, and her willingness to continue to evolve and grow as an artist.'

ALBUM - Black Snake 

If you haven't heard Wendy before, click on the link below to hear 'Full Moon in Scorpio', from the album 'Deity' - one of our favourites. -  Wendy Rule Full Moon In Scorpio (You Tube link)