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Chakra Candles

Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles


Who are we?

White Witch is a wonderful emporium of Pagan and Witchcraft gifts and essentials, established in 1999 by Debbie, they operate from their 500 year old shop in Waltham Abbey, Essex and is staffed by friendly Witches. 

We hold in stock a large range of  Pagan altar figures of the God and Goddess in their many forms, the Green Man, a large selection of Witches' tools, including Witches' cauldrons, Witches' wands, Witches' athames, Witches' robes and cloaks, Witches' Books of Shadows, Witches' spells and magic ingredients and all things witchy and wonderful!

We also have an extensive range of crystals - from large geodes to tumblestones, lots of pagan jewellery, candles, herbs, tarot cards, herbal teas and more.

Our online shop is a digital window into our magickal store and we hope you'll find what you're looking for. If you need any extra help or advice, then please call or visit us instore at Waltham Abbey (Essex) where we will be only too happy to welcome you with a  cup of  tea and a smile.

t: 01992 712 794

e: info@witchesofwalthamabbey.co.uk

Brief History Paganism: 

Paganism represents a wide variety of traditions that emphasize reverence for nature and a revival of ancient polytheistic and animistic religious practices.  Paganism is not a traditional religion per se because it does not have any official doctrine, but it does have some common characteristics joining the great variety of traditions. One of the common beliefs is the divine presence in nature and the reverence of the natural order in life. Spiritual growth is related to the cycles of the Earth and great emphasis is placed on ecological concerns. Monotheism is almost universally rejected within Paga



Essential oils have been carefully blended to give each candle its own unique resonance with the chakra it represents.  Each candle is solid colour and reflects the vibrant colour of the chakra.  Each candle is wrapped with a beautifully designed graphic representation of the chakra symbol and gives detailed information about the chakra - location, body associations, colour and scents and much more information on how to balance the chakra using meditation, diet and lifestyle. Made in New England, USA, from the purest natural ingredients.  Select chakra from the pulldown menu above

The Art of Candle Burning - Getting the best out of your candle - please follow these guidelines for your safety and pleasure.  

First remove all packaging and paper wrap-around label

1. On first burning, burn until top flat surface of candle is an even pool of melted wax.  For jar candles the melted wax should reach the sides of the jar.  If you follow this simple guideline, you will avoid the 'burrow' effect where the candle burns down creating a central hole and thus shortening the overall burn time of your candle.  

2. Before lighting, trim wick to 1/8th of an inch and always keep trimmed in this way before each lighting, (always trim when candle is cold).  
3. Always burn candles in a safe place, out of draughts, on a dry heat resistant surface, away from direct heat and out of reach of children.  

4. Do not allow anything to drop into the warm wax, such as parts of the wick or a match as this can cause the candle to combust.  

5.Once wick has got to 1/2" of bottom of candle, stop using it.  

6. Never leave a burning candle unattended.



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