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Spells to try

Want to know how your interview went?

You will need two acorns - one to represent you and one to represent the person with whom you had the interview. Place both of the acorns in a bowl of water and watch them carefully. If the acorns touch or float side-by-side, you will get the job - if they float in opposite directions - oops! Better luck next time!


To Stop an Unwanted Visitor

If you don't want a person to come and visit again, as soon as they have left, sprinkle salt on the spot where they said goodbye.



To temporarily halt problems between you and another, write their name on a slip of paper, put it in your ice-cube tray, fill with water and freeze it. This will allow you some 'time-out' from the troubles.


'Find a Pin' Luck Spell

'Find a pin and pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck'. Most of us have heard this expression - if you want the luck to last longer than a day however; put the pin into a vase of fresh flowers.Your good luck will last as long as the flowers live.



Wishing On A Star

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, card XVII is The Star - and stars represent hope, faith, and the promise of a guiding light. Try this simple Tarot spell to have a wish granted. All you need is a night sky with a crescent moon (refer to your Moon diary or Moon Chart). Perch The Star card on your altar. Light a lavender candle as the crescent Moon rises. Quieting your mind and controlling your breathing into a regular rhythm allow your subconscious mind to choose the perfect star in the night sky (it will know the right one!). Keep your head still as your eyes fix their focus on your chosen star. Notice as your eyes stay firmly fixed on that spot, how your gaze becomes softened and slightly hazy, as the brightness of the star intensifies and becomes larger and starts to wobble within your focus of attention. At this moment (without moving your head or your eyes) point your wand, athame or right index finger directly at the star. Feel its warm magick and begin to chant:

Star of wishes that come true,

Light my way and guide me to

A vision of my future prize,

Illumine where my fortune lies.

Now state your wish and wait for the answer by closing your eyes, breathing slower and even deeper into inward focus and engage with your intuitive inner voice. Hear what it whispers to you.


Druid Sacred Mistletoe by P. Sinibaldi