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Spells to try

To Find a Lover

For this spell you will need:  red paper, card or a heart shaped red rose petal, a red candle, red ink and clean white paper and a new clean envelope.  On the new Moon, cut a red heart from a piece of red paper or card; (a heart shaped red rose petal may be used instead).  On a piece of clean, white paper, in red ink, write the following incantation:  As this red heart glows in candlelight come closer, lover, closer to me this night.  Then take a bath or shower and change into your usual attire for bed.  When you are ready, light a red candle and read aloud your incantation.  Now hold the heart in front of the flame and let the candlelight shine upon it.  Place the heart and the incantation in a new, clean envelope and seal it with wax from the candle.  Hide the envelope and leave it undisturbed for one, full cycle of the Moon.  By the time of the next new Moon there should be a new love in your life.


To Strengthen or Heal your Relationship

For thsi spell, you will need Frankincense, Cyprus and Sandalwood oil and a pink candle.  Take two drops Frankincense oil, three drop Cyprus oil and two drops Sandalwood oil.  Marriage oil is made to reinforce your marriage or relationship and can be used whether the relationship is sound and stable or in difficulties.  It can also be used to gently nudged a relationship towards marriage.  Anoint a pink candle with Marriage oil and burn when you and your parner are together.  This will strengthen and heal the relationship.


Torn Between Two Lovers?

For this spell you will need two tulip bulbs and a new pin.  Can't choose between two lovers?  Take two tulip bulbs and with a new pin, scratch the name of each lover on a separate bulb and plant them; whether in a window box or garden.  The bulb that blooms first will reveal which of the lovers is most deserving of you. 


To Ensure your Interview gets you a Job

For this spell you will need a green candle, a banknote of any denomination and a new paper clip (that has not previously been used) and a photo of yourself.  Light the green candle, show both sides of the banknote to the flame (DO NOT BURN THE BANKNOTE!). Fasten the note to the back of the photo of yourself with the paperclip and snuff out the candle.  Carry your photo (with the note attached) in your handbag or wallet during your interview. 

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You will need a small stalk of corn. If you are lucky enough to live in the country, ask a local farmer or thatcher, if you live in town, corn stalks can be bought on-line. A bundle the size in the picture will make about three or four dollies.

Prepare the straw by soaking in warm water for a few hours, or overnight. You need it pliable enough to bend without splitting or breaking. Gather a handful of stems, making sure you have an odd number  to weave - a minimum number of stems is 5, but we recommend a further 6-8 to act as the core. Tie the bundle with a pale-coloured thread or cotton near the base of the corn heads. Gently pull on each stem to make a neat bunch with no stragglers! Select four sturdy-looking stems and bend each one outwards to form a cross-shape (see image). We'll call them A, B, C and D. Starting with the one closest to you and working anti-clockwise (widdershins) around the bundle. Then select another stem (we'll call it E) and bend it down to run parallel to A. If you look closely at the image, you'll see there's a fifth stem under the thumb.

NOW FOR THE TRICKY BIT!...gently take hold of A and fold it over E to lie parallel with B. This will secure E in place. Now take B over A and bend it to lie parallel with C. Continue like that, keeping the basic cross shape of the stems and slowly turning the dolly round as you go. A woven shell shape will form around the core. Keep going until the stems are almost used up. As long as you are careful, you will find that you can put the dolly down without it losing its shape. To make the doll a reasonable length you will need some extension stems to continue working with. Cut the heads off a number of stems (an extra 10 or 15 is about right - (remember you're working in groups of 5) and keep them handy. 

When you need to extend one of the stems, slip the thin end of a new stem into the hollow end of the one you've already worked. You might find you need to trim the end of the old stem. If you adjust the joins correctly you'll find that the next bend in the stem will hold the inner piece in place.

 Once your dolly is as long as you want, you can trim off the excess neatly as shown. To form the "handle" - if you can plait with five stems use them all to create a "ribbon" emerging from the top of your dolly. If you can only plait with three, that's also fine. Just ensure that you include the last stem you bent over so you lock the others in place.


ANOTHER TRICKY BIT! Now bend the ribbon over into a loop and secure by threading the cut ends of the straws through the loops formed by your weaving. You might need to ease some of the loops open slightly to do this.


Neaten up any stray bits, being careful when you trim them that you don't accidentally cut any of the weaving!

Finish off your dolly by tying a pretty ribbon near the corn heads to cover up the thread you used to tie them together. Now hang Her with pride!  Remember to honour your Corn Dolly during Winter and return her to Mother Earth in Spring.

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