Elen of Ways (Keeper of the Forest)

Elen of Ways (Keeper of the Forest)
Elen of Ways (Keeper of the Forest)
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Elen of Ways (Keeper of the Forest)

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27cms (11") in cold cast bronze resin, this glorious figure of  Elen of the Ways is beautifully detailed with highlights of green, blue and mauve.  Whether she is called the Keeper of the Forest, Antlered Reindeer Goddess, Goddess of the Trackways, Elen Luyddogg (Elen of the Hosts) is a figure in Brythonic myth, best known from Welsh legend in the Mabinogion, The Dream of Macsen Wledig.  Mascen Wledig (Magnus Maximus, Emperor of Rome), falls asleep whilst out hunting and dreams of a journey that takes him across rivers and over mountains to a wondrous hall.  Inside, two auburn-haired youths play the board game gwyddbwyll, while an old man sits upon a throne, carving golden gaming pieces. Before him sits a beautiful, flame-haired maiden, with whom Macsen falls instantly in love. Upon waking, Macsen vows to find this maiden, and after much searching he finds her at the castle of Aber Seint.  She is the regal and beautiful Elen, the old man her father Eudaf, with her brother's Cynan and Gadeon.  They fall in love and sleep together that night.  Elen requests the Island of Britain and its three islands as 'maiden-fee' for her father. It is written in Trioedd Ynys Prydein, "Thereafter Elen thought to make high roads from one stronghold to another across the Island of Britain. And the roads were made. And for that reason they are called the Roads of 'Elen of the Hosts', because she was sprung from the Island of Britain, and the men of the Island of Britain would not have made those great hostings for any save her." She is also associated with Olwen of the White Track in the Red Book of Hergest, and Nehallenia, the Celtic-Norse Goddess worshipped at the point where travellers crossed the North Sea from the Netherlands.  Superb detailing throughout.



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