These sprays have been hand made with love, spiritual guidance and sacred blessings to evoke a healing, energetically clear and high vibration.

They have a beautiful aroma further evoking healing and balance through the pleasure principle!.

They have been created to release the imbalance of dense/heavy energies that can accumulate in our physical and emotional bodies and our homes and workplaces. This imbalance can depelete our energies, preventing us from feeling at optimum health. They nurture enertgetic support to fulfil our potential: mentally, emtionally, physically and spiritually. 

The vibration of all these subtle energies combine to create a transformational impact of well-being and balance. As the energies flow, a deep feeling of calm, cleansing or focus, depending on your choice of spray, can be felt. 

All of the sprays help ground you and clear your space.