Morrigan and Raven

Morrigan and Raven
Morrigan and Raven
Morrigan and Raven
Morrigan and Raven
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Morrigan and Raven

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This beautifully sculpted figurine The Morrigan is 28cms tall. Cast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and carefully hand-painted

The Morrígan was first and foremost a goddess of war and death. She was also the goddess of prophecy and fate, and as such saw the future of all things, including the end of the world. She was all-knowing, and would occasionally share her knowledge with others (for a price). Her prophecies were never wrong and her wordings were exact, if somewhat poetic. Her appearance to royalty and warriors also represented the side she favored in a battle. The Morrígan’s association with the raven stemmed from the bird’s constant presence on the battlefield.

The Morrígan was a shapeshifter who took many forms; she would often appear in multiple forms throughout a single story. The most common of these forms were a shapely maiden, a battle ready warrior-queen, an old crone, and a raven. While she could take the form of other animals beyond a raven, the Morrígan did so less frequently.

Her appearances at the deaths of prominent figures, such as those who fell at the Second Battle of Moytura or the mighty Cú Chulainn, have caused scholars to link her to spirits appearing later in Irish folklore, such as the banshee, or “fairy woman.”

One of the most prominent aspects of the Morrígan was her nature as a triple goddess of war. In many stories, she appeared as both an individual and as three goddesses acting under a single name.



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Brief History Paganism: 

Paganism represents a wide variety of traditions that emphasize reverence for nature and a revival of ancient polytheistic and animistic religious practices.  Paganism is not a traditional religion per se because it does not have any official doctrine, but it does have some common characteristics joining the great variety of traditions. One of the common beliefs is the divine presence in nature and the reverence of the natural order in life. Spiritual growth is related to the cycles of the Earth and great emphasis is placed on ecological concerns. Monotheism is almost universally rejected within Paga

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